OsX86 on MSI Wind Desktop

So I did some changing around at my place. I originally bought and MSI Wind Desktop to use as a low powered File Server for all my Media. Its a pretty nice machine, 1.6ghz Atom CPU, 2gb of ram, and OS is on a 16gb CF card. Over all I was happy with it…. Until I started to run low on disk space. I placed a 1tb drive in it, but it only has 2 drive bays. I installed over PXE as I didn’t have a CD/DVD Drive.

Flash Forward to last night.

So Last night I decided to place the drive in my desktop machine as it has more than enough bays(7). I now was left with my MSI Wind doing nothing. I made a trip to Frys and picked up a $30 LiteOn DVD burner and put that in the machine. So now it has a DVD Drive and 16gb flash drive. I did some reading and I can install osx86 on it and from what I read it runs next to perfect. I am still waiting for the ISO to download and then I will let you guys know the outcome. I am hoping for the price of under $300 I will have a decent running machine with OS X installed. I will let you all know in case you too want to take the plunge on a cheap Faux-Apple desktop PC.