Gallery Sell-out

So I finally made the jump and have moved my gallery over to Flickr.  Go ahead and check it out, I am hoping it was a wise move…. at least from a disk space stand point its not that bad of an idea.

Enable spell check in all fields in Firefox

If you want to enable spell check on every field in Firefox you just have to do the following.

Open Firefox
In the address bar type “about:config”
In the filter box type “layout.spellcheckDefault”
Change the value to a “2”, by default it should be a “1”
Restart Firefox

That should enable spell checking in all field’s in Firefox.  I don’t know what the overhead is, but I don’t imagine it being that much.

Bash Linky Goodness

I have been in the process of learning to write bash scripts and also make the as efficient as possible.  I never really had the need to learn any scripting until recently so I dove in.  I thought  I would compile a nice list of some sites that have information on Bash scripting, that way …

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