Here we go…

So I thought I would give another post much like the one I wrote a long while back about the Detroit Trip. After work Friday, Darin and I went back to my place and pre drank some of Jakes Vodka. Attempted to head to Father’s office in Santa Monica… The line was too long so …

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Virtuozzo glibc-dummy-centos-4 Error

If you come across this error when trying to do a “yum update” on your Virtuozzo Virtual Dedicated Server

–> Processing Dependency: glibc-common = 2.3.4-2.25 for package: glibc-dummy-centos-4
–> Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: Missing Dependency: glibc-common = 2.3.4-2.25 is needed by package glibc-dummy-centos-4

You can make use of the following steps to fix the problem. First you need to remove the package that is causing the problem.

yum remove glibc-dummy-centos-4

After you have removed that package you need to reinstall gcc with all the extras. You can do that simply by running the following command.

yum install gcc & yum install gcc*

If everything installed correctly you should now be able to run a yum update and it should not error out at all.

A bum called me Larry

So last night was fueling up the blue beast at the gas station. When I parked by the pump I knew the bum sitting on the curb had his eye on me. I started pumping gas and then out of no where hes like “Hey Larry!”, at first I didn’t respond… then he called again. I turned around and he said that I looked like a Larry, and that I had some resemblance to Larry bird, from there he started asking me about baseball and basketball etc… Then as I figured he hit me up for change. Being a Larry, I said sorry man and got in my car and drove away.