Call me Clark.

Christmas Lights

This morning I spent a few hours putting up Christmas lights, as I was doing so it dawned on me that I think this is literally the first time I have ever personally put up lights. In the past, I was always in an apartment so I never put them up, then once I moved …

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Vinegar for Safari

There is a new extension for Safari that aims to help clean up the Youtube viewing experience within Safari, this extension is called Vinegar. YouTube5 was a Safari extension back when Flash was still a thing and hated by everyone. It replaced the YouTube player (written in Flash) with an HTML <video> tag. And now the YouTube player …

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AirTags, and what to do with them?

Apple AirTag - Front and back with Emoji

I picked up some Apple AirTags a while back and put one in my laptop bag, on mine and Nicole’s keychains, in my wallet, and even one in my truck (Figured it could help with finding my truck in a parking garage or something lol). However, I now have 3 more sitting here gathering dust …

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