This weekend was pretty cool… not like the normal but still a great time, Ended up @ Harpers Downtown for some 80’s band, got drunk and woke up on a fold out couch hating life itself. Walk out to my car and its parked in the yard with a parking tiket on the windshield… Fuck East Lansing. Then I headed home and met up with Nicole, we went to Franks Press box and watched the game and got a little more blitzed then we planned. I then got home and drove to KZOO for the night, went to a few bars didn’t get drunk and went to bed… Not a very eventful weekend seeing I didn’t even take any pictures what so ever. Last night I got the chance to watch Catch Me If You Can… which is a pretty damn good movie, that movie along with Blow makes me want to become a felon.

Sleep… How I miss thee.

Im starting to think that I have a sleeping disorder, fucking cant ever goto sleep early, and when I do fall asleep its only for a few hours. I have tried Drinking to pass out, Pills and well nothing seems to help… Damn I’m tired and it sucks. In other news I’m going to try to start a clothing line of sorts, I am in the works of getting some design created for shirts and such, just need to find a cheap place to print the clothing. Well I’m going to lay down and try to get some rest, seeing that it is a friday.