I have started to believe nothing is real. It seems more and more likely everyday.

Still hating life and its still sooo cold. Talked to Sean for a few on AIM today, bastard is enjoying the 70 degree weather, wish I was too. Anyways if you cant tell I really hate Michigan and the damn snow. A lot of people say they love the 4 seasons and crap like that, me on the other hand… well I could deal with out it. So the people that do the payroll for my job decided to move to another building = we need to turn in 4 weeks of time sheets by the end of my shift tonight or I wont get paid for like 3 weeks…

I’m emotionally dead. I feel things only for a short time then I go back to not feeling at all.

I got my Windows XP machine sharing the printer last night with my Powerbook. It was a little harder than I thought it was going to be… but it is done now. I think this weekend I’m going to try to get the Destruction Server running again.

The original plan was to use my 1.1ghz machine as the Destruction server, but I have since changed that into “Creation” my Windows XP machine… So Destruction gets to run on the old 400mhz again 😉

I sometimes steal things i dont need from people i like for no reason other than i want it.

I am a zombie drone… Yes this is me @ work, same old thing every day. I think we have a staffing issue here @ work, there always seems to be a steady flow of calls coming in, never a long break like before. I remeber he times when we had like 20-30mins between calls… no im luck it is even close to 20-30 secs in between calls. Anyways enough of that, and back to the call I go.