I’ve got your IP…

Im getting kind of tired of these little kids on AIM that decide to message me and only have to say “I have your IP” … I always answer with “And what the fuck are you going to do with it”… I cant wait until they attack my hardware firewall… ohh no!!! anyways yeah other than that nothing new. The weather is getting nice again, thank god. I was really starting to hate the weather like no other. I was going to go away next weekend but come to find out I’m not allowed to go up north with my friends. Wrather not really get into it. Either way I am hoping since the weather is getting nice that people might stop calling in to Corecomm, and I might actually have sometime in between calls… but only time can tell. Next week I get to work for PBS and do some auction thing, answering phones and such. Should be a change from the normal day in and day out.

This isn’t going to have a happy ending.

Well, I really don’t know what to do… I have all these machines sitting and not sure what to do. I have 3 machines, 1 is a 400 mhz AMD k6-2 w/384 Megs of ram, another is a 500 mhz AMD k6-2 w/512 Ram, and last I have a 1.1 ghz AMD k7 I think with a gig of ram, I also have multiple Hard drives from 6gig – 80gig, a few wireless NICs and some normal NICS, TV-out card, TV-in card. My original idea was to use the 1.1 as an HTPC, but I can’t get the damn capture card to record the audio, no idea. The 500 mhz I was thinking of just setting up Windows XP on it so I can have a Windows Box sitting around. The 400 mhz machine I was thinking prob. making it into a router/firewall. I am really leaning into not only making the 400 mhz machine just a firewall/router but also a Debian Linux file server running samba. If anyone is reading this you have any ideas? Also on another note, I just got a Palm IIIc from my little sister today as she wasn’t using it anymore and had no need for it. I am in a jam finding good software for it as I really don’t know much about Palm systems.

I would do anything to find my creativity. I cry about it all the time. I want to commit suicide.

Well, anyways where to begin. Last night I went out with Sean and Louie. We started off by picking up our friends Erik and Nick… Erik was in full effect as he had been drinking since 4 pm, we picked him up around 9. We then went out to The Post, it’s a new bar in East Lansing… And it was dead as all hell there, and beer was $4. We decided to leave there and head over to Ricks, that was pretty dead as well, so We got some pitchers and played Quarters.

After shots and a few pitchers we went over to Harpers Downtown, Sean and I were a little pissed as you are not allowed to wear hats in there… That’s all new to me. After about half a drink Erik was kicked out for being trashed. Shortly after Sean, Louie, and I decided to leave and get something to eat at BW3’s. Note Wings while you are drunk = good. Anyways we left there, and Louie decided to puke for a few, and then we passed out. Crazy nights = Bad morning hangovers, I felt like a truck ran me over this morning, Just getting better as of a few hours ago.