I am obsessed with the noise a mouse makes when you click it.

7pounds.net is almost complete. I have finished the new layout now I just need to get the stylesheet working for it and all should be done then… except for the Cam section and the Link Section. Chase is supposed to be working on the Cam script and also finishing the RandomImage site. The RandomImage site should be pretty cool once we get that all worked out.

Right now he is working on getting all the images to go into a MySQL database, so as it will be easier to Administer the site and also allow for comments for each image. We are still looking for a domain name to use for it as we want to make it it’s own site instead of a 7pounds subdomain.

We should all run through the streets naked.

It’s been a while since I last posted… Not really much going on just the same old same old. As you might notice the site looks different, also I have removed the Galleries and also the How-To section until I get things going fine again. Also the how-to section will not be back as I am making a tech only site for them @ TechFaqs.net. Other than that the site should be back to normal in a few days.

I like to urinate in public as often as possible, for no apparant reason.

Last night went up to leo’s lodge and drank a few Oberons. Saw Sean up there and I bought him a Mind Eraser, which I might add tasted horrible, tasted like they left out all the club soda… pretty fucking gross. After that I found myself @ a house party(Duplex Party) and took countless numbers of Jello shot’s… Returned home and ate some fries. Not that eventful of a night but eh, it was fun.