Do paper cuts really hurt?

Damn what a lack of updates… Nothing really new in life, but as for computers I have been working on the Little HP Project, mainly trying to setup a nice looking HTPC. Click the links for pictures. Also is going to get finished sometime this month I hope. 7pounds is getting revamped as soon as my PayPal account gets enough money. People have already donated enough money to buy the forum software, and almost enough to purchase the gallery software, once I get those running then I am going to upload the new skin set I have been working on little by little.

I forgot people I know read this site.

I am running out of things to watch on tv/internet… on top of that I have no good music on my laptop. I need to find something new to look/listen to. Work is boring me like no other today, I am doing call backs and training a new guy. I am jsut counting down the hours until this weekend is here as friday I am supposed to meet up with Justin and drink a few beers and play some darts. Chase is supposed to come up there as well when he gets out of work. Then there is Sat… Tailgating should be a blast, I hope I live through it.

I broke the toilet seat in the bathroom

Well seeing that it is slow @ work tonight I thought I would search for concerts in the area… notexpecting much as Lansing just sucks for venues, but here is what I came up with. June 28th @ Macs bar: Fallopian Dudes, these guys are good I have seen them twice now, they kind of sounds like Danzig but more Punk. And another one here July 10th @ Temple Club: Afroman!, yeah the guy who sung “cause i got high”, that should be interesting.