WaterMinderI have always had a really hard time drinking water throughout the day, in most cases, I just “forget“.   Anyways I decided to see what kind of reminder apps were out there to hopefully aid in reminding me not to sit here for hours without even thinking twice about taking a drink.

There had to be something out there that would track my daily intake as well as remind me every X hours to take a drink.  The main thing I was looking for was an app that was not only minimal in design but tied in with my glorified notification center aka the iWatch.

After reading a handful of reviews and looking at various screenshots of water reminder apps I came across WaterMinder.  This app is not only pleasing to the eye but simply tracks your water, beer, coffee, or in general any liquid intake and notifies you every so often to drink.

The app itself can be downloaded from the App store and is currently $2.99 for the app which is cheaper than a coffee that I would likely have forgotten to drink without this app anyways.

New Ink / Cover up

A few months ago I started to get work done on my sleeve, mainly filling in some of the bare sections and some touch-ups.

Lastly, I have been working towards a coverup of the Koi I had on my upper arm, my artist and I decided to cover it up with a dragon.

This is only the 2nd session I have had with him on the Dragon but so far it’s turning out great.  Really looking forward to it being completed, hopefully only a couple more sessions until then.