Nintendo Switch Friend Code

Since Nintendo doesn’t seem to understand how online services work and how they could allow people to share their friend code easier, here is mine. SW-1860-8062-5141 Go ahead and add me, who knows I might actually pick up my Switch here and there sometime to play it!

DuoTrap S Sensor

Duotrap S - Digital Sensor

Last week I dropped my bike off at the shop to get not only new pedals installed but also a DuoTrap S sensor since spring is right around the corner. On my previous bike, I had a speedometer which while it worked, was kind of a clunky install. This is where the DuoTrap S sensor …

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MiO is a new addiction

Mio Flavors

It was recently mentioned that I needed to up my water intake on a daily basis, sadly I really just don’t care for water at all. It’s boring. But it was suggested that I try some water flavoring kind of thing, so when I was at the local grocery store I decided to pick up …

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