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  1. G.Jones —

    try out the web developer toolbar in Firefox. You could have easily seen the class and/or id definitions of that particular piece, and then modified those definitions in a real-time css editor in the sidebar. Absolutely invaluable and time saving tool, for that function alone. When you add in the hundreds of other things it can do, well, it’s pretty goddamn nice….


  2. I was just going to comment back this morning that I figured it out late last night. Apparently I had tried changing every color specification other than the correct one.

    In the wee hours I saw one 5A5A4B that seemed likely. I was sure I’d tried them all but I gave it one more attempt and Voila!

    Thanks for answering, and thanks for designing such a nice template.

  3. Its been a while since I have looked at the theme and what not . But if I recall there are some images in the images/ folder that can be changed to do exactly what you wish, they should be defined in the stylesheet as well.

  4. Dear Mr. Fauxzen —

    You don’t know me but I found and am admiring the NewZen blog template. Its quiet dignity speaks to me and I find myself answering back.

    But perhaps it’s better if we don’t discuss problems of such a personal nature…

    The reason I’m commenting (I could find no email address for you) is to ask a question. I’d like to use the NewZen template on a blog, but I want to change to a different color palette. I was able to change the colors for the entire template except the grey bars on the ubernifty sidebar menu.

    I’m not looking for a lot of support for what’s obviously a free template, but would you be willing to share the secret for changing the color of these bars? I would be infernally grateful.

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