Paper Folder

So there is a paper folder that sits next to my desk… and man is it ever loud.Office Space Movie Clip I cant even think when it is being used. It drives me nuts, I almost want to reenact the scene from Office Space where they go out in the field and destroy the fax machine printer… I cant express the joy that would be felt by the act of hitting it with a bat. I really don’t understand why they use the paper folder when last I knew the industrial printer that we have can auto fold and even staple! ….

UPDATE After being asked about the Paper folder I decided to make use of my Camera Phone and attach a picture of the damned thing. So here it is.
Paper Folder

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  1. I love that part. in fact i love that whole show it is great! my favorite part is when micheal bolton is singing rap music and then a black guy walks by and he turns down the music and locks the door and after he passes he starts rapping again…

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