Prilosec OTC – Day 1

I cant really remember the day that I didn’t suffer from heartburn, seems like I have had it forever… but I know its really only been over the last 4 or 5 years because I don’t really recall having it before then.  I have found myself investing quite a bit of cash over the years into Zantac, which has helped a lot.  I never really saw the purpose of getting on a once a day pill even though Kat recently pointed out to me that I end up taking Zantac everyday anyways.  So when my last bottle of Zantac ran out I decided I would give Prilosec OTC a try.  Prilosec OTC can be bought at your local drug store and it is suggested to take once a day in the morning everyday.  So today starts my first day on it and I am hoping that it will actually give the relief that I am looking for.  I plan on continuing my same daily eating habits so not to throw off this little experiment.