Quail Creek camping

This weekend Kat and I are heading to Quail Creek State Park in Utah for a little camping Saturday night which I hope will be a nice chill relaxing time away from Vegas.  While I really wanted to do something more for this weekend before her birthday it seemed like a lot of plans were up in the air so it was a tad hard to really figure out a real nice get away.  So I guess this little camping experience will have to be a precursor to a weekend in the near future where I can really take her away for something a bit more excited and hopefully more relaxing.  Either way as I have said it before and will say it time and time again I am excited to take a small trip as we always end up having a great time no matter what we do or where we end up…. I am just glad this time we wont be heading to Brian Head as that was more than enough of an adventure to last me a lonnnnng time.