Returning from WordCampSF 2010

I had a blast at WordCampSF, enjoyed some really good speakers, had fun at the after party and explored San Francisco (First time I have ever been). I uploaded the small amount of pictures that I took and stole from from friends that we also in attendance. They are all on my Flickr stream. Check them out.

WordCamp SF 2010

I'm attending WordCamp SF 2010

I am heading to San Francisco today to attend WordCamp 2010.  I attended the first WordCamp LA last year and had a great time, learned a lot, and met some people who I still stay in contact with today.  (One of which designed the banner in this post.)  Looking forward to meeting up with John, Shayne, Austin, and Jeana, as well as the InMotion Hosting crew that will be in attendance.

Bowie + Arcade Fire – Wake Up

I had forgotten about this video until the other night, its a must watch if you haven’t seen it