Redlands Strip Club

So this guy that works the late shift at 7-11 is always starting conversations with me and telling me how I should hit up the Larry Flynt Hustler Club on either a Tuesday or Wednesday night.  He raves about Tuesday’s as they $2 steaks, and how on Wednesday’s they have amateur night.  So last night I got the notion in my head that I should head over to the place and see what Redlands really has to offer in the lines of a strip club…  What a let down, out of the dozen girls that were working there was probably only one that looked decent.  I didn’t even see any amateur’s doing anything which was really of no surprise to me.  The other girls working, well I just don’t know how they got hired in the first place.  There was one chick that was build like a skinny man and I think at one time might have been a man.  So needless to say I didn’t stick around there that long, especially when there were no $2 steaks that night and drinks were around $8.  I can say one good thing about the place, it was done up pretty nice looking inside, looked better than any other strip club I have ventured into.