Review: Dash Expander

Dash Expander Throughout the day I find myself typing the same things over and over when responding to people. Because of this I have been looking for ways to spend less time when doing so, since I type the same thing over and over, I initially tried TextExpander which worked great for testing but just seemed like it was missing something. Yesterday I came across DashExpander, within a matter of minutes I knew this was better and I instantly made the switch.
DashExpander has quite a few perks, first off its a lot cheaper than TextExpander … at least right now it is (They are running a sale if you decide to purchase). As you would expect it comes with what seem to be the standard set of features which I am not going to get into since if you are looking at this type of software you already have an idea of what it does and how it does it. The first feature that I will mention is the ability auto insert information that is currently in your clipboard right into the macro. Giving the user the ability to do this saves a few keystrokes if you have macros that require you to paste some details into them. The other really neat feature is the ability to add variables to the macros, this is really cool as it pops up a heads up display that lets you fill in the blanks before the macro is inserted.  I am still playing with DashExpander and think that it was a great purchase given the two features I mentioned.