Seven things

I have come across some of these 10 things that you need, should see etc.  I started thinking and I came up with a small list of my own.  So with out further adieu I present to you the seven things I think you need to have in your home when having house guests or entertaining people. (I’m not smart enough to think of 10)

Q-Tip1. Q-Tip brand Q-Tips.  The off brand just suck and either come apart when using them or just don’t allow proper usage.

2. Martini Shaker – Even if you don’t make Martini’s they are still nice to have to chill shots and they make a nice counter decoration.
3.  Large music collection – If at all possible setup XMBC to stream all of your MP3’s to your Stereo/TV.  And don’t stick to one genre of music, unless all of your friends are carbon copies of you they might enjoy other types of music.  So just make it all available.

4. Movie Collection – This kind of goes along with #3.  I myself like a lot of horrible B movies, but I still have a decent collection of Comedy, Drama, Action etc.  You never know what people are going to want to watch, and if you have a variety on hand then chances are they will be pleased.

5. Spare computer – I don’t usually like people using my laptop, so I make sure to have a spare computer setup and locked down for guest to use if they feel the need to check their email or browse a few site.

Dirty Bathroom6. Extra Towels – If you have ever stayed at someones house and end up taking a shower only to find out there have a lack of towels since they only have one for themselves and then one on the floor that they use for a bath mat, then you know it sucks when towels are not made available.

7. Games – While most of us have outgrown playing Operation or hungry hungry hippos its still nice to have some games on hand.  Also if at all possible just have a game system or two hooked up.

Thats really all I could come up with.  Am I leaving something out that you think is a must have item in the house hold for when you have company?