Sigh…I dunno what to do

I have done a lot with the site today.. and hope to only do some more. So far I have added 300+ pictures, and began work on a new layout … well not a full layout but I have been hacking away at the stupid stylesheet to make it a bit different. I also added a new logo graphic to the top of the page. Other than that the site is still very much a work in progress. I hope to redo the stylesheet by the end of this week, if not do a brand new one from scratch. I was really digging the new K2 theme… but yet I really want something to call my own. Also I have heard that the K2 theme doesn’t right out of the box with WordPress 1.6 Alpha, and since I am running the nightly of that I dont really want to mess with too many of the system files since they will be updated everyday for who knows how long.