Site rankings and mistaken gender

My Technorati ranking is an astonishing 14,926… I am actually very surprised by that good of rank, especially considering that Alexa ranks me at 1,697,852.  I swore that they used to somewhat go hand in hand with rankings, but clearly that is no longer the case these days.  Hopefully, in due time my Alexa ranking will even our with the other.

Besides all the ranking who ha, I thought I would present this nice little gem that came into the help desk this evening.  I removed some of the less important aspects of the message as not to bore the 3 people that read my site.

… and I just wanted to commend you and your colleagues for the promptness and friendliness of your service. This time I had Shelby D reply to my latest query in the usual very speedy and comprehensive fashion, so I thought I should drop Shelby a little ‘attaboy‘ (or ‘attagirl‘).

Now don’t get me wrong I love the compliment, but this is another prime example of why I dislike email support. Maybe I should change my signature to say “Mr. Shelby” that might help sort out the confusion surrounding my name … then again knowing how most people don’t fully read responses to emails (myself included) it probably would not be all that effective.

2 thoughts on “Site rankings and mistaken gender”

  1. Yeah I hard Alexa isn’t that great anymore. As for Technorati I think they expanded it to search a little broader. All in all I think that it is still mainly blog related.

  2. Alexa results have pretty much been proven as horseshit. Totally inaccurate.

    And doesn’t Technorati only work with blogs? Or is it a more broad ranking?


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