11 thoughts on “Social Checkins”

  1. I’ve been using both (as you know from twitter). I really like both a lot and they have their unique approach and features. I’ve gotten the checkins and follow up stuff down to a quick process so the time involved isn’t that much more than just using one. Another benefit to using both is the performance and availabitlity. Sometimes gowalla doesn’t load well on Edge, while 4sq does. Some times is 4sq that has a problem.

    So for now I’ll stick with both.

    • I recently started using check.in to check into both. Seems to do a great job and makes so I only have to click on 1 app. Also it checks me in on BrightKite too which is another perk.

      • oh oh… I need to try this. So does it handle the little things about each system, like badges in 4sq and items on gowalla? or do you still have to go into the respective apps to use that?

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