Social Media Presence

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Anyone that knows me knows that I am connected to just about every social media platform out there, some I have been using for more than a decade. Though I have found myself over the recent years really dropping back from being active on them.

There are so many platforms now, and all with their upsides and downsides to why you would use X over Y for this or that. In the end, it has almost been too overwhelming to keep up with, or more so care to keep up with. Do I really need to take a picture of my food? Do I really need to check in on Swarm or another location app?

Life is happening all around us all day every day, and I started to feel like I was missing out having to check my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc over and over all day for no reason. Or spending the time cross-posting messages from one platform to the other, but having to also spend the time to cater to said platform and change what I was posting so that it fit better.

These days, especially with screen time on my iPhone,┬áit has helped me step back. I keep a Facebook account just to see what long-distance friends or family are doing, but I don’t make any updates there these days. The only other reason that I keep it around is that it is sadly tied to some other sites for logging in, which speaking of I need to get around to changing those all over to use my email address for login instead.

Instagram is another one that I mainly keep around at this point to get recipes from Instagram foodies, past that I rarely post there, but when I do, I try to make it a bit more meaningful than just some random picture.

Twitter is by far the most used platform at this time. I have a healthy number of followers there, and when I have a question, I can usually get a pretty quick or decent reply from one of them. I also find it very useful to follow various news sources to get breaking news as its happening.

Outside of that, while it’s tiring I am finding it to be more rewarding to simply maintain my site and put my posts here on the system I run and own rather then spending moments of my day to push out updates to multiple places at once that all profit from what I post.