Solo Stove

We had been gifted a Solo Stove from a friend as a dual bday/housewarming gift. I had not personally heard of this company or their product, but have to say it is pretty damn awesome.

At our old house, we had a crappy fire-pit that we got for free off of the Facebook Marketplace, and while it worked as a fire-pit should, it was always burning the grass, and you had to move to avoid the smoke.

With the Solo Stove the way it is built, we have it set up on our deck, and it won’t burn it down due to the technology involved in how it is made. You can touch the base of the Solo Stove, and it is ice cold while still having a blazing fire in it.

Also with the double insulated walls and the ventilation that it has built-in, you are never having to move your seat to avoid the smoke as it forces it all upward which in itself is amazing.

After having it for almost a year now and lighting it up countless times, I would highly recommend getting one if you like to have a fire-pit on your deck and don’t want to adjust your chair every few minutes to avoid the smoke.

It also comes with a travel bag which makes it easy to take with you when camping and helps you avoid a crappy fire pit found at most campgrounds/campsites.