SouthWest Gas Sucks

They might just be the worst utility company that I have ever dealt with.  Its unbelievably hard to get any customer support rep on the phone, no matter what time you call their 800 number it is always spewing the message about high call volume.  Try emailing them …. well that’s a joke too.  Southwest Gas just outright sucks.

1 thought on “SouthWest Gas Sucks”

  1. Southwest stopped sending my bill pay to my bank. The only time I would get a bill was when it was deliquent. I have paid in full everytime I have received a bill for the last 15 years, however they now want a assess a deposite to my account in the amout of 450.00. I get it…gas consumption is coming into the low season and they want to soak as many people as possible. If this has happened to you repost on this so we can keep southwest gas in check.

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