Spring cleaning on the internets

Originally this site was my main spot for posting everyday life stories, technical documentation as well as all things WordPress-related. I am changing things up moving forward (I think I have said this before) and using my other site ShelbyDeNike.com for all technical and WordPress-related content while keeping this site up as more of an online diary and place to store images and of course the random recipes that I create.

I am hoping that in doing so it will better direct people looking for specific things rather than dumping them into a giant melting pot of ramblings while trying to find details about X or Y.

In doing so I also did away with the WPTuned service site, as well as the main Systm Web domain which is now both parked on ShelbyDeNike.com where I will be providing those services as myself rather than standalone setups.

And yes I am very aware this is a very very boring post, but figured I might as well write something about it for historical purposes to look back on when I eventually revert these changes in a few months heh.