Sunday Funday?

I wish. These recent weekends have been anything but a Sunday Funday, as we have been in high gear working on the house. Since moving in it seems like it has been nothing but project after project, but the end is near!

Hoping in the following week, likely two everything SHOULD be wrapping up. We spent this weekend wiping down the new drywall, priming, and starting to paint. Next week the new floors will be put in the bathroom, closet, and master bathroom. After that, all that will be left is finishing up the bathroom tile, toilet, and vanity. I can’t tell you how happy I will be once everything is wrapped up so we can finally kick back with our feet up and just enjoy a weekend without any major projects that need to be completed.

I plan on posting a slew of before and after pictures once everything is done, it will be nice to sit back and reflect on what we did, how it turned out and what we could have done differently (Which I hope is nothing as again I am done with projects for a while, so is my bank account lol)