SuperMex and a battleship challenge

For a few years now I have been told about this mexican food place here in Vegas called SuperMex and how awesome it is. A friend of mine makes it a point to go here whenever in town, even the brief mention of this place on twitter and I get direct message death threats from him.  I have had the chance to go here many times, but something or another always comes up and well I never make it…. That was until I came across a deal on Groupon for SuperMex.  It was a great deal, $24 for around $50 worth of food so I grabbed it up in hopes it would actually get us into the place.

The other night Kat and I decided it was finally time for us to make the venture to SuperMex and see what all the talk was about.  Our normal sit down mexican restaurant has always been Lindo Michoacan, which we hold in high regards. We chose to goto the SuperMex location right up the road from our apartment which makes you doubt the quality since it has a gaming bar attached to it, and its right next to a gas station/McDonalds.  Upon entering there was a sign telling us to seat ourselves, we grabbed a booth and our waitress was on the ball with coming over and checking in on us.  With the Groupon in hand the waitress explained what all was included starting with the tacos Tijuana appetizer, two item combo plates, flan, and their top shelf margaritas.  For the appetizer we decided to get the chicken version and it was really good, I think this will be added to out “what to get” next time we are there list.

We have also been toying with creating a drinking Battleship type game, in order to properly brainstorm this we have been playing drinking battleship on the iPad … so far we have decided that we really need to figure out some rules, as drinking every time you miss is umm well not a logical thing to do lol.  More on this later.