MiO is a new addiction

Mio Flavors

It was recently mentioned that I needed to up my water intake on a daily basis, sadly I really just don’t care for water at all. It’s boring. But it was suggested that I try some water flavoring kind of thing, so when I was at the local grocery store I decided to pick up …

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How did you spend your weekend?

How did you spend your weekend? 1

Well for me it was nothing but work and then working on the new house, either packing, moving, or renovating.

The deck on the back of the house had some wear and tear over the years, mainly due to the trees moving/bending the deck. While it took more time than expected to tear up the deck and get it ready for the contractor to complete the bracing of it, I am very happy with the results.

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AirPods Pro


Last week I ordered some Apple AirPods Pro, as my first-generation ones were starting to lose their charge to the point where I could barely make it through a 30-minute Zoom call. After a bit of debate, I decided that I needed to continue the Apple Fandom and take the plunge. While I have not …

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