Changing a burnt-out headlight

I bought my 2013 Chevy Silverado new off the lot and just now am finally needing to replace one of the burnt-out headlights … though I have read when doing so you should replace both as if one is dead the other is right behind so it looks like I will be getting my hands … Read More

Bacon shortage

I was at the store yesterday, and it seems that someone has bought all of the bacon. I assume this is related to COVID-19 cases at some of the meat processing plants. So If you have bacon in your fridge or freezer, I suggest you hold onto it as it will likely be like gold … Read More

CYFDD update

My current setup as of Feb 14th, 2020

I had previously written a post about CYFDD “Clean Your Fucking Desk Day”, and what do you know my friend that gave me the idea actually started a site called where he plans to provide more insight on this as well as other “helpful tips and tricks”… as to what those are I guess we will have to wait.

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