Weekends are not for blogging

Weekends are not for blogging 6
Photo by Jason Strull on Unsplash

I have decided, for the most part, to become only a Monday through Friday blogger in these 100 days of blogging challenge. Not that I don’t want to blog during the weekends, but I often just don’t have ample time, though I know that is an excuse as I find time during the week… I guess in the end I don’t want to be tied to the computer on the weekends especially when I have so many other things that I can do,

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Redoing the front steps – Part 2

I was unable to wait till the weekend to get started on the front steps, so I got out the sledgehammer… and ended up not even needing to use it. The mortar was so bad that I was able to physically pull apart the step, as well as a few other bricks that were severely damaged.

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Redoing the front steps

Redoing the front steps 9

In the age of being locked down and having limited contact, I know that we are all handling it in our own way. Hence we are looking into redoing the front steps of the house as well … just have a look at the picture above.

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