Always wear gloves with black mulch

Black Mulch
Misty Black mulch from Hammond Farms (Picture from Hammond Farms)

Not the most exciting post I could ever make but I wanted to share the warning. Over the weekend we had 7 yards of black mulch delivered to our house from Hammond Farms, and without thinking there was a large amount of time I was being very hands-on with it and not wearing gloves …

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My Plex Server

My Plex Server 1

Not only have I been a long time Plex user, but I have built a few Plex servers of the years and I wanted to outline my newest setup. It is quite a beast, especially compared to the previous server which was a 2012 Mac Mini which I only used out of simplicity but in the end it was not powerful enough to handle my needs. The form factor was great but when it came to having to transcode anything, it simply failed.

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