XBMC Frodo on ATV

I have been running XBMC “Eden” on all of my Apple TV’s for sometime now with out issue, but the other day I noticed there was a new release called Frodo.  Frodo brings some fixes, and changes to XBMC so I figured why not stay updated and upgrade all my Apple TV’s.  Usually you can login to the Apple TV and issue an apt-get update but since the new version is still a RC you need to enable the pre-release/nightly builds to get it.

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Poll: Debating on what device to get

Here is my issue, I currently have an xBox 360 in my living room and an AppleTV Take 2 in my bedroom.  The xBox streams Netflix as well as videos that I share off of my Linux media server, and the AppleTV only streams videos from the media server via XBMC.

My xBox Live account is about to expire which means I will no longer be able to use Netflix unless I renew which is around $50.  This got me thinking that I should just get a new device such as a new AppleTV or a Roku.  Getting one of these devices would be cheaper in long run, I just can decide which one to get. So I am looking for some input on this decision.  Let me know what you think as it would greatly help, as well as why you would go whichever route.

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Seagate FreeAgent formatted to HFS

I have been meaning to post this for some time now but for some odd reason, it has remained in my drafts folder. I picked up a Seagate 1tb FreeAgent USB Drive for my AppleTV around 6 months ago. I tried to format it to HFS and it kept giving me errors. After searching for a few I found the fix for this.

Open Disk Utility
Click on the Partition
Click on the Current Volume Scheme drop-down and select One Partition
Click on the options button and chose either the GUID Partition button or the Apple Partition Map button
Click OK, you can adjust the other options if you so desire
Click Apply, The partition screen should open
Click Partition

After that has completed it will unmount and remount. Upon remount Time Machine might ask you about using the drive for backups, I chose no. Hope this helps anyone that has format issues with their Seagate 1tb FreeAgent.

AFP on AppleTV 2.3.1

If you are running Apple TV 2.3.1 and want to have AFP installed you will need to obtain a copy of AppleTV 1.1 software. If you dont have a backup, check with a friend or your local torrent site to grab a copy. Once you obtain the backup DMG file you can extract the following files


Upload the files to your AppleTV and then SSH to the AppleTV. Run the following commands to move the files to the proper location

sudo mv AppleFileServer.app/ /System/Library/CoreServices/
sudo mv ByteRangeLocking.framework/ /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/

After you have moved the files you need to edit the hostconfig file to enable AFP to autostart

sudo nano -w /etc/hostconfig

Change the following


to this


save the file and then run the following command to start it. If it works you wont get an error message.

sudo /usr/sbin/AppleFileServer

Once started you cant hit Apple+K and enter the following to connect


Use frontrow as the username and the password and you should be all set.