Installing sshpass on OS X

Ansible Logo

I recently came across ansible and decided to give it a go, actually kind of upset that I never came across it before as I can already imagine quite a few cases when it could have come in handy and saved me a lot of time when it came to running the same command across multiple servers.

I went about installing ansible by using Homebrew which I have installed on my MacBook Air but soon noticed that I was not able to run commands against all the servers since sshpass was not installed on my machine. I figured the easy route would be to use Homebrew and just install it, but just searching for sshpass with Homebrew I was presented with the following error message.

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Speedtest from the CLI

The following alias that I have setup on my machine is really nice for running a speedtest directly from the CLI with out having to use your browser. I have matched up the results with various online tests and it seems to match up almost perfectly with what they display. alias speedtest=’echo “scale=2; `curl –progress-bar -w “%{speed_download}” … Read More

Clean up the “Open With” menu on OS X

I have what I guess may be a bad habit of installing all the new software I come across, tinkering with it and then removing it.  Unfortunately there are a lot of times doing this can clog up your “Open With” menu on OS X.  I have noticed even using some nightly builds of software … Read More