Cabo here we come …

Its been a long time since I have taken a real vacation, every time that Kat and I go anywhere it seems that I am still working the whole time.  So for our 4 year anniversary we decided that we should take a real vacation together, this time staying in a hotel and not in a spare room at a relatives place.  While I am sure I will be checking my email and checking in on Foursquare, I plan to make this a vacation rather than a workcation.

im on sex and the city
This will likely be me after many margaritas and piña coladas on the beach.

We kicked around a few places, and looked around for the best deals and finally decided to get away from the cold and head to Cabo. It will be really exciting as neither of us have been to Mexico and it seems like a nice destination. We are both really looking forward to hanging on the beach, and wandering around Cabo and enjoying the much warmer weather. As I always say, and Kat loves when I do “Should be fun


I forgot I had a blog

With the popularity of twitter and the lack of time to write a long drawn out post I kind of forgot about my site. I am hoping to take some time away from the beach, pool and hot tub this weekend and actually work on my site to bring it in a direction that it may actually look updated more than once a month. That is all. Ohh yeah I moved, thats coming in another post though.