Life Lesson #843

Make sure that when you are at the Ocean for 7hrs, that you wear sun block with a higher spf than 5,.. else you can get a bad burn that blisters and makes it a royal pain to sit in a chair while at work.


It has its pros and cons. I mean I get to sleep in … well I mean sort of seeing that I get up at noon but I just went to bed at 6am. I do get to hang out at the beach all day while the rest of the working class is slaving away. umm yeah even with those few pros it still sucks working from 8pm-5am, I feel like I am leading a different life.

Panoramic of Bills

So I took a few pictures while at Bills and then put them all together. Yeah its a crappy photoshop job but it serves its purpose. Click it for the full image.

View from Bills