Turning 40.

I knew the time would come, and while I was looking forward to it I certainly had my doubts … as looking back I always thought people that were 30+ were old as dirt and well … here I am now, and besides the blood pressure meds that I have to take on a daily … Read More

I am old…

Well I have really been slacking on updates.  Mainly because I have been pretty busy with coming off of nights and switching to a new schedule, and having people in from out of town.  I had my birthday the other day, and well I am now a dirty old man.  I still haven’t updated my theme in ages, and have become even more addicted to social networking sites than I was a week ago.  I am going to try to get back on track with the updates. So keep coming back, or dont…

B-day Present

B-day Present 1

So I gave myself a present today for my bday since I didn’t get many from others… I decide to do a trade off, I removed my tongue ring which I have had for many many years now and replaced it with the following. There are more pictures in the gallery.  I also have some … Read More