No phone until Oct.

What a pain. I checked a week and a half ago into getting a Blackberry Curve over at Cingular, since my RAZR is just not cutting it anymore. Anyways when I went to the store I was told I could upgrade and get the deal on the phone, unfortunately at that time I didn’t have the cash to do so. I got some money for my birthday so I found a deal on …. and well there were problems with that order so I decided to say screw it and head over to Cingular and just get it there for more. They had it in stock and everything, go to check out and the guy is like hmm sorry man you cant upgrade until Oct. You have to pay full price for the phone… Pisses me off since I am really in need of something with better texting features. So if anyone wants to get me a Blackberry Curve that would be rad, either that or $200 extra so i can buy it outright.

Ohh yeah part of my order was shipped from Amazon as well so I will be the proud owner of a Blackberry Curve rubberized case… too bad I dont have a phone to put in it.

I dont know whats wrong, its like im too far gone.

Tonight is my Blackberry Curvelast night of overnights, thank god it couldn’t have come soon enough. I was getting really burnt out from them. Its really weird going from morning shift to midnights, just turns your whole world upside down. Hopefully come Monday morning I will be back on track … but who knows. Does anyone want to buy some old computer stuff? I want to get a new cell phone, namely the Blackberry Curve. I have been reading up on the phone and it really has some nice features. I was originally looking at the iPhone but after reading a lot of reviews and seeing that its lacking in a few places I decided that the Curve would be the best bet until Apple gets their shit together. So yeah I am trying to sell some stuff, and taking donations as well.