Moving back to Vegas

So today marks my last day living and working in масиMarina del Rey, tomorrow morning I will be packing my car and moving back to Vegas. Hopefully this time around things work out better and are more enjoyable.

Michigan Hooha

So I have now returned from my Michigan trip. It was pretty fun, besides the horrible weather. Louie’s wedding seemed to have gone well, besides myself getting chock slammed on the beach in the whee hours of the morning. Other than that there was good food, good drinks and some fun times… ohh an mosquitoes too yay to them. The drive back from up north was pretty crappy, just lots of rain and dead deers on the side of the road. I got to spend some QT with the kidlet, she was sad when I had to leave. I felt really bad… but I couldn’t miss my flight. Speaking of the flight, I found out why my Laptop has been running like crap as of late…. 512mb of RAM is bad … it registers when it feels like and when that happens it blue screens. Well I cant argue too much with some RAM that I have had in my laptop for 3yrs, and bought used at that. Anyways I am back in sunny California again. I will post some pictures later today of the fun filled days that were in Michigan.


Its really nice living more in the city now, as I can walk just about anywhere.   Lots of benefits to it, not only has the tank of gas in my car lasted about a month but I am also getting some much needed exercise.  Why anyone would want to live outside of a big city is beyond me.

Gene Simmons is the Hamburglar

Gene SImmonsSo the other day I went to get some lunch at Trimana right near the office. While waiting in line this guy walks up and asks me if I had ordered yet… I think it was a ploy for him to take my food. Anyways after he walked away from me, probably to go hide behind the trash can so that he could jump me after I got my food. I noticed it was no other than Gene Simmons himself. The overall shocking factor was that the place we were eating is somewhat like a High School Cafeteria, just didn’t expect that the man that once dressed up in a crazy outfit(and still does), and paints his face would eat.  Other than that lunch was pretty uneventful.  I really need to find some other places to eat nearby as I am getting sick of Panda Express, Starbucks, Trimana… and even Blue Marlin.


Its been a while since the last post… I wish I had the time to make a nice post, but ohh well I dont.  Mainly life is good right now.  I have been working a ton and learning a lot, the bars in the LA area are pretty nice, especially down in Santa Monica.