I like Jelly Beans

It has been a long time since I posted last, mainly because of the move and getting a new job. Things are finally getting in place and I have a split sec. to post a little something. I have added some more pictures to the gallery and well other than that the site is about the same as it has been for the last couple of months.

Living in the LA area is worlds better than Redlands ever was. Some people dont like the cities, I am not one of those people. The traffic can be a little daunting at times but all in all its just a way of life out here so it seems. It takes me about 30 mins to drive the 16 miles to work, and 45 mins if I get on the road late. Work is really keeping me busy, but I dont really mind it as its something that I really enjoy doing so it tends to keep my attention and I am not counting the hours or even minutes before I am supposed to leave like I was at my old job. Well besides the working over the last couple of weeks I have made it out a few times.

I even made it down to Santa Monica to have a dirty martini with Allison, and to top it off paid 1.80 per 15 mins of parking too… Parking is lame thats all I really can say about that. Last weekend I went to the Lava Lounge in Hollywood, it was alright. The place reminded me of a Tiki bar of sorts, except they had some hardcore country music playing, I actually kind of liked it as it was heavier than the normal twangy crap. I also ended up drinking some good old Mickey’s Grenades, I bought out the last two six packs the store had and the last two forties as well. Anyways this weekend I might head up to Vegas to hang out with Burge and then to Bakersfield to BBQ with Sean.

New cell Phone

If you cant tell by the last post … I got a new phone and new service. I figured to change for 2 reasons.
1. I have lived in California for almost a year now and still had a Michigan nunmber
2. T-Mobile’s service was just not that good where I live, I mean depending which couch I sat on in my condo would make a difference if the call would drop or not.
I chose to go with Cingular since the use GSM phones, and the plans were pretty cheap… also you cant beat the Rollover mins. the downside of this is that I have had my 517 number since late 1999…. ohh well change is good. I ended up getting a Black Motorola Razr since it was on sale and so far seems to be a pretty sweet phone. I am sure that I will have more to say about the phone in the following weeks.

My friend and I sometimes go over each other houses and burn things.

Things are changing at a rapid pace… well except for the sites that I manage. Anyways Sean my friend since High School ended up moving to Bakersfield, California last week. Lucky bastard, he also got a new truck before he left too. Anyways Michigan sucks, I’m ready to leave this place. The reasons you might …

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