Leno at the Pump

So the other day I was getting some gas and a frappuccino before work and who did I see…  Jay Leno.  He was driving this crazy looking car.  And I couldn’t help but make a comment on it.  It was a chilly morning and as you can see the car has no roof or really a windshield on it.  Anyways we made some short talk for a second and then after he came back out from paying for his gas he looked over at my car.  I then made a comment about wanting to trade…. he declined saying that my car was too large for him.

White Sexy Hot

I heard that term on the radio today while driving in the 50 degree weather and thought to myself “Who at the Radio station knows me?” … Magic TreeAnyways thats a whole different thought in itself.  I stopped this morning to get gas and decided to pick up a “Magic Tree Car Freshener”, supposed to give the new car scent, personally I think it smells like roadkill with my grandma’s perfume sprayed on it.
This weekend I really dont have too many plans, except for going down the Long Beach to hang out with my buddy Josh who is in town for work training.  We are planning on hitting up some concert in that area, should be cool but I guess I wont know until Saturday.  Other than that everything is about the same just working a lot and not sleeping as much as I would like.  Sean is planning to move down here sometime soon, I am hoping before the end of the month things work out and we can get a new place closer to the action.

Updates on the way

So many of you have prob. noticed that I haven’t updated this site in a long time, mainly I just have been a bit to busy with work and life.  I have been trying to get to know the new area that I am living in and just enjoying the people I know in the area.  I also haven’t really had much to write about in the last couple of weeks since my day mainly consists of driving and hour to and from work, and working long hours. The job is treating me well except for when I am on call over the weekend and the power goes out to the datacenter, that always sucks.

Last week I had to get the brakes fixed on my car and it cost me $600… not only that but some jackass backed into my car while it was in their parking lot.  I just moved the site over to my V-Dedicated account at work, this way I can tweak around apache/php and other server settings and actually have a production site working to test the load.  If you notice any errors with slow page loads, pages not loading etc make sure to drop me a comment of a post.

Halloween is coming up and I still dont have a clue of what I am going to be.  My boss is having a Halloween party so I have to be something else well I will stick out as the ass with out a costume.

I am getting pretty excited to head back to Michigan for Thanksgiving, it will be nice to see my friends and family.  Not to mention ShelbyCon v2.0 will be taking place which should end up being pretty rad. Anyways I need to get some other stuff done around here so I am going to cut this post short, but I will try to keep it updated daily like I used to.