Live Chat Dialogue…

I am amazed….

You are now speaking with Shelby of Support.
Shelby: Hello, How can I help you?
Customer: ?
Shelby: How can I help you? What is your question?
Customer: what. i just gave you my question..
Shelby: I did not get your question can you please repeat it.
Customer: u got my question
Shelby: I have not gotten your question. If you can please repeat the question I will be happy to answer it for you. Thanks
Customer: what the heck is wrong with you. i have asked the question 2 times now.

I am still lost by all this. He never ended up telling me what the issue was, instead he left chat.

Live Chat Love

So I have to login to a chat system for customers or possible customers to contact us with if they don’t feel like calling or emailing.  Anyways since we service the entire world sometimes chats can be pretty interesting, but this one takes the cake.  Here is what transpired, and clearly it had to have …

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