Christmas 2021

Christmas this year was great, the gift this year was a smoker. I have never used a smoker before so I am curious to see how well it works. Now I just need to wait for some of the pellets to arrive and then buy myself some meat and I will be good to go!

Christmas Eve 2021


It’s Christmas Eve! I am excited to see what I have under the tree tomorrow, I only have a few ideas but overall it’s all a surprise. I am hoping that my follow-up post will include something more than a few lumps of coal.

Call me Clark.

Christmas Lights

This morning I spent a few hours putting up Christmas lights, as I was doing so it dawned on me that I think this is literally the first time I have ever personally put up lights. In the past, I was always in an apartment so I never put them up, then once I moved …

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