Disable auto-playing movies on Facebook with Chrome

Using the information below you will be able to disable auto-playing of movies on Facebook within Google Chrome. Recently Facebook as begun to auto-play content within the newsfeed, which frankly I find pretty annoying. You can disable them with this quick fix inside Chrome. Simply open up chrome and type the following into the address …

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Chrome for iOS update v26.0.1410.50

Chrome for iOS has been updated to v26.0.1410.50 today that not only includes the normal stability and security improvements and bug fixes but also Fullscreen for iPhone and iPod touch. This updated version of Chrome also includes printing to Google cloud print, and Airprint as well as the ability to save to PDF.

Little Snitch + Google Chrome = ksfetch issues

So Google Chrome has recently stopped playing nicely with Little Snitch, mainly because there is an issue with Chrome that it creates a temp file to check for updates every X hours.  Since its making a new temp file for some reason it sets off Little Snitch, which is quite annoying. By entering the following …

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