Google Chrome Extension Essentials

I have become a huge fan of Google Chrome over the past year or so, this has caused me to install, test, and remove a lot of extensions. Along the way I have come across quite a few that work really well so I thought I would share. 1Password – Simply couldn’t live with out …

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Switching to Chrome

Google Chrome Logo

I have been a longtime fan/user of Mozilla Firefox, though over the last couple of years it has become more and more of a memory hog.  I have tried to use Safari and tried Google Chrome a while back but they never had the plugin support I was looking for.
The other day with the purchase of a new MacBook Pro for my birthday I decided to give Google Chrome another try.  I was glad to see that it has come a long way on the extension front that it once lacked.  I was impressed enough with the available extensions that I even switched my work computer over to Chrome.  I am hoping that I can stick with it and banish Firefox from all of my machines, I will try to revisit this post and give further pros and cons in the coming week.