MythTV GUI Settings

Even though my X is running at 720×480 on a widescreen tv I had to adjust the GUI settings as so, big ups to chase GuiWidth: 641 GuiHeight: 451 GuiOffsetX: 36 GuiOffsetY: 12 Now that I had them set everthing worked fine…. except video playback, I just had to adjust playback to play as 16/9 […]

MythTV Revisited

Recently I picked up a PCR-350 card from Chase’s boss and decided to give MythTV a try again. ¬†I have tried it in the past but with little luck since I was using an ATI TV Wonder Pro which does software encoding. ¬†Anyways I have been dabbling with Knoppmyth, Ubuntu, Gentoo and have not been […]