Pi-Hole with DNS-Over-HTTPS via Cloudflare

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I was using Pi-Hole on my local network for some time on a VirtualBox VM that I had set up but recently removed it from my network as it was acting up and causing another possible fail point on my network that I just didn’t feel like troubleshooting at the time.

However with the release of the new CloudFlare DNS, I thought I would revisit my Pi-Hole setup, this time actually running it on one of the many RaspberryPi’s that I have sitting around collecting dust.

Setting up Pi-Hole on a RaspberryPi is very easy, and there are already lots of how-tos out there on doing just that, but simply put you run the following command on your already setup RaspberryPi

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Install ddclient on OS X

DynDNS LogoThe DynDNS OS X client has always seemed a bit clunky to me and outdated so I was looking for another way to use DynDNS with out that client. Thinking back I remembered that I used ddclient on one of my linux boxes from the command line a long while ago so I started looking into how I could implement that on my Macbook Air. I saw that Homebrew had a ddclient package so I got to work.

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Block ads on OS X Leopard

I got on a fix today about ads on websites, I already use Adblock Plus as well as the Adblock Filterset.G Updater in Firefox.  But I wanted to take it a step further.  I adid so with the following steps.

Opened up terminal and added the following list to my /etc/hosts file.

After this you need to flush the DNS cache

sudo dscacheutil -flushcache

All set.  You can of course use this on Windows/Linux and other versions of OS X.  For older versions of OS X the dscacheutil command is not the same.