Well here we go…

I have been meaning to write something up about the last couple of weeks in my new home.  The move went well, seemed like it was never going to happen but then finally the day came.  Had a nice going away party over at Chads, had a few drinks, and then a few more.  I … Read More

Scotch and Diet

So Wednesday night I went out to the Arsenal and made it there for happy hour… well I was less than happy with the drink that was served.  Knowing that asking for Jack and Diet would cost me more since it is not clearly a part of the “Well” selection, so I asked for a Whiskey Diet…. I guess the waitress is not much of a drinker or a listener, as she brought me a Scotch and Diet.  I was wondering while drinking it why it tasted so horrible, after getting the tab I noticed it said Scotch.  So anyways never order a Scotch and Diet as it tastes pretty horrible.