Here we go…

So I thought I would give another post much like the one I wrote a long while back about the Detroit Trip. After work Friday, Darin and I went back to my place and pre drank some of Jakes Vodka. Attempted to head to Father’s office in Santa Monica… The line was too long so …

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1hr to go

And I am really tired.  I almost want to make some coffee… but then I will be up forever, unless I start drinking when I get home …. hmm ideas.  Anyways this is a temp theme until I get around to creating a new one myself.

Lack of Drinking

So I have been in the process of looking for places to drink and have a good time at.  Looking online you think you would come across a site that provides a listing like that… and well there is.  The site call City Search, but its pretty biased and well just not that good.  You also have sites like, yet again it still lacks the whole focus on entertainment.  So I have been thinking what would need to be in place for a site to have it all, based around drinking that is.  What do you think it would need to be your one site stop that would let you know about drinks and places to kick it?