OS X Mail Client

Recent issues with Mail.app have me thinking I need to branch out and try another mail client to hopefully resolve the issues I am having with threaded emails. In the past I have used Thunderbird, and Sparrow, I never really gave Sparrow too much of a try so that will probably be the first I test out again.  I am curious to what Mac users are using to manage their email so I can give some other mail clients a try.

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Better Life, wiggle-tail

I love the topics of SPAM messages.  And in all honesty I dont understand how that subject is supposed to get me to read the message in the first place.  I mean really “Better Life, wiggle-tail”  can someone explain this to me?  Have any idea what the subject of the message is?  Something to do with bacon being the next big thing in the stock market?  No not eve close, it talked all about “cre dit” (note the space) and how i could lower my monthly “paym ents”… wow they are sneaky.

I’m such a dumbass…

but I do have a GMail account thanks to Chase. Its pretty damn awesome, I’m so glad that I got one. I couldn’t get [email protected] for some reason 🙁 but I was able to atleast get [email protected] The setup is way better than any other web based mail out there today, and the shortcut keys …

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